Malcolm II King of ScotlandAge: 76 years9581034

Malcolm II King of Scotland
Given names
Malcolm II
King of Scotland
Type: BIRT

Birth of a daughter
Bethoc or Beatrice Princess of Scotland
Type: BIRT
984 (Age 26 years)

Type: DEAT
1034 (Age 76 years) Age: 76 years 0 months 0 days

Name: King Malcolm II of Scotland Father: Kenneth II, King of Scotland Mother: a Princess of Leinster Relation to Elizabeth II: 28th great-grandfather House of: MacAlpin Born: c. 954 Ascended to the throne: March 25, 1005 Children: Daughters Bethoc (mother of Duncan I) and Donada Died: November, 1034, from injuries at Glamis castle, Angus Buried at: Isle of Iona Succeeded by: his grandson Duncan I

Malcolm (Máel Coluim mac Cináeda) son of Kenneth II became king after his predecessor Kenneth II was killed in battle. Hid daughter Donada married Sigurd Norse king of Orkney who controlled Caithness, Sutherland and most of the Western Isles.The combined kingdom extended Scottish rule into Moray and previously Norse occupied lands.

Malcolm’s early raids into Northumbria in 1016 were defeated by Uhtred the Bold at Durham, however he defeated a force of English and Vikings at Carham, and extended Scottish rule into Lothian and Northumbrian lands down to Berwick. In 1032 KingCnut King of Eng. secured the southern part of Northumbria for Eng. settling the border between Scotland and northern Eng..

Malcolm had no son so he had the grandson of Kenneth III murdered to ensure that his daughter Bethroc’s son Duncan became heir to the throne. Malcolm died from battle injuries at Glamis Castle in 1034

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