Thomas Foster, 1526

Thomas /Foster/
Given names
Birth 1526
MarriageMargret View this family

English King
Henry VII
from April 22, 1509 CE (May 2, 1509) to January 28, 1547 CE (February 7, 1547) (aged 21 years)

Birth of a sonThomas Foster
August 10, 1548 (aged 22 years)
English King
Edward VI
from January 28, 1547 CE (February 7, 1547) to July 10, 1553 CE (July 20, 1553) (aged 27 years)

Disputed English Queen
Lady Jane Grey
from July 10, 1553 CE (July 20, 1553) to July 19, 1553 CE (July 29, 1553) (aged 27 years)

English Queen
Mary I
from July 19, 1553 CE (July 29, 1553) to November 17, 1558 CE (November 27, 1558) (aged 32 years)

English King
from July 25, 1554 CE (August 4, 1554) to November 17, 1558 CE (November 27, 1558) (aged 32 years)

English King
Elizabeth I
from November 17, 1558 CE (November 27, 1558) to March 24, 1603 CE (April 3, 1603) (aged 77 years)

English King
James I
from March 24, 1603 CE (April 3, 1603) to March 27, 1625 CE (April 6, 1625) (aged 99 years)

English King
Charles I
from March 27, 1625 CE (April 6, 1625) to January 30, 1649 CE (February 9, 1649) (aged 123 years)


Family with Margret
Birth: 1526Hunsden, Hertford, England
Birth: 1528Hunsden, Hertford, England
Birth: August 10, 1548 22 20Hunsden, Hertford, England

BIOGRAPHY: Descendants and Ancestors of Thomas FosterBIOGRAPHY: George Washington, fourth son of David Earl andSusenett(Dieter) Foster, was born in a log house on hisfather's farm, on whichhe settled when coming into thecounty in the early days.This farm waslocated near theplace now called Lewis Run, PA. He was reared on thisfarmand at an early age took an active part in clearing some torenderit fit for producing the crops which supplied almostthe entire foodsupply for the family. He was given thebenefit of a common schooleducation, the schools at thattime being of a very primitive nature, buthe being astudious mind and having a strong determination to succeedinwhatever he undertook, acquired more than anordinaryeducationu nderthese conditions, not having an opportunityfor school exceeding threemonths in any one year, and thisduring the winter season. At the age oftwenty he wasplanning to go to the western country to seek hisfortune,but onaccount of the oilexcitem entbreaking outin Bradford at thistime, which offered good opportunitiesto young men both for labor andinvestment he gave up hisplans for the west and went to work in the oilfields. In ashort time, he becameinterested as a producer andwasquites uccessful in this line of business. In 1893, George W.andCharles E. Foster engaged in business together and astheir first ventureorganized the Tuna Valley Pressed BrickCompany, capitalized at$80,000.00. This company wasbrought toperfection and p uton a payingbasis in the year1894, Charles E. being the vice-president and G.W.Foster,treasurer of the company. Since that time these twobrothershave operated together in the brick business, inwhichthey have beenverysuccessful, having successf ullyorganized and established thefollowing companies: OleanPressed Brick Company, Olean, NY; AlleganyValley BrickCompany, Olean, NY; Kittanning Clay ProductsCompany,Kittanning, PA; Upper KittanningBrick Company,EastBrady, PA;Youngsville Brick an dTile Company,Youngsville, PA; Pearl Clay ProductsCompany, Kushequa, PA;Binghamton Paving Block Company, Binghamton, NY;and theFoster Paving Block Company, Bradford, PA. In all ofthesecompaniesGeorge W. andCharles E. Foster have heldpositions o fpresident, general manager, treasurer andsecretary, which offices theystill hold in several of thesecompanies, and in which compnanies theyare directors.Besides these brick interests Messrs???. Fostersalsoownquite valuable oil and gas interests ,as well as beinginterested inother manufacturing industries. They havetheir general office in theAuerhaim Bldg., Bradford, PA.It is through these offices that theyconduct most oftheirbusiness.BIOGRAPHY: George W. for a number of years hasbee n quite active inreligious work, and is an active memberof the United Brethern Church ofLewis Run, PA, and also anactive worker in the Hill Memorial UnitedBrethern ChurchofBradford, PA, being ateacher of the men's class. Hehasbuilt up for himsel f astrong reputation as a religiousworker, andis a man of sterling quality and integrity alongbusiness lines. BIOGRAPHY: For information on the Fosterfamily trycontacting DebraWhitney or GaryFoster,researchers that have graciously contributed t othis file.Additional thanks to Barbara Van Vlack for theinformationprovide on the Van Vlack section.